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What clients are saying

I would highly recommend the Kootenay Voice Academy! Looking back on the several years that I took voice lessons with Christina, I feel extremely lucky to have had her as my first voice teacher. I’ve since gone on to study voice performance in university and become a professional singer and I truly believe the foundation for how I sing now was laid during my years of lessons with Christina! Among many things, she taught me solid technique, introduced me to ear training, taught me the proper diction for singing in different languages, and guided me through interpretive aspect of the music we worked on. She guided me through many RCM voice exams and kiwanis festival competitions and made sure I was always thoroughly prepared with the material. I feel like we really accomplished so many things in our lessons!
Besides being a super skilled teacher, it goes without saying that Christina is a wonderful person with a warm and encouraging personality. I always felt that she wanted to help me discover the music that I was passionate about which helped me to never lose sight of the joy of singing. I personally was always interested in singing classical music, but I know from attending her studio recitals and hearing the other students sing that she’s able to teach students in many different musical styles. I’m so thankful for my years of lessons with Christina and would recommend her to anyone looking for voice lessons!

Kimberley Lynch

I have been a musician for most of my life. Over many years, my singing instruction came from various sources and it had been a tough journey. Then I found the Kootenay Voice Academy! In a really short time, singing became far less strenuous, more fun and now I can sing for much much longer periods without fatigue. Hearing myself back in recordings is much more satisfying and I have more confidence in my voice. Certain cover songs that I would struggle with before are now easy because I'm not afraid of those higher notes! I had even considered leaving singing behind and just focusing on instruments until getting such amazing lessons. Now I love singing more than ever and would never even think about quitting! If you're looking for a focused, friendly and simply a "true" singing instructor, this is the place, without a doubt! Thank you so much for helping me rediscover my passion!

Eric Langlais

Christina Nolan is fantastic. A superior singer and a great teacher and just a wonderful person!

Lorna Visser

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