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Express, Create, Grow, Sing!


Kootenay Voice Academy offers private in person and online lessons in voice, theory, musicianship, dramatic character development, and public speaking/speech arts.

30, 45, and 60 minute times are available - Monday - Friday between 12:30pm and 7pm.

Kootenay Voice Academy is a warm and inclusive space to help students feel comfortable exploring new ideas and develop confidence. 

Students aged 8 and over - of all ranges of ability and experience - explore and unlock new sounds and abilities at Kootenay Voice Academy.  Study can be very structured or very loose, depending on the goals.  Since singing is proven to have a positive impact on your mental and physical health, many people attend lessons for reasons other than musical development. No matter how you feel coming into the studio - all students report feeling uplifted afterwards. 

  • Do you want to sing a song for your family that you feel amazing about?

  • Do you want to be the star at the next karaoke night with your friends? 

  • Do you just want to sing the national anthem at the next hockey game and not have people shush you?? 

You've come to the right place!!  

Students at Kootenay Voice Academy learn about the three basic pillars of vocal production:  air/space/energy.  We explore healthy, sustainable sounds and how style is applied differently to suit the demands of expression in each piece of music explored.  Knowledge is applied into all genres/styles of music and students are encouraged to broaden their musical horizons by trying new things. 

Recital opportunities are provided for singers who want to develop performance skills,  both through in house recitals and opportunities for public performance in Kootenay Festival of the Arts and with the BC Registered Music Teacher's Association, Trail/Castlegar branch.  Students who wish to pursue structured study through the Royal Conservatory of Music/Conservatory Canada are also welcome, as are students looking for university entrance training.  

Call today for a trial lesson and experience this yourself! 

Virtual Choral Production
Let Kootenay Voice Academy make this easy for you!   You provide the selection.  We provide backing tracks, conducting and recording videos, audio and video editing to make you look and sound incredible!  Virtual choirs are a great way to continue to make uplifting music in a safe and convenient environment.   You do not need to be professional - we can do it all for you.   
Check out our Virtual Choir Examples page to see some ideas of what your choir can do!   
If you or your organization is interested in how we can help you with a Virtual Choral presentation, please call to receive your free quote.  We offer flexible pricing based on the scope and need of your project.    


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Personal Instruction

Private Lessons in Voice

Vocal Technique to help you be the best you can be!   Learn skills to support your vocal health, improve your sound, reduce vocal stress and tension, build confidence and musicianship skills.    Open to all ages and abilities!   

Private Lessons in Speech Arts
and Drama

Personally designed instruction to build confidence, learn technique for healthy speaking and presentation skills.  Speech Arts is the art of spoke communication and personal presentation.   Clear and effective communication skills are key to personal and professional success - we can help you achieve them!  

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Questions?  Please call or email for details!  

3601 9th Ave Castlegar BC V1N 2Z6


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