COVID-19 Procedures and Policy

At Kootenay Voice Academy, your safety and health is our top priority.   Since March 2020, I have acted with caution, pivoted the service delivery for students and did everything possible to support singers in the community through the crisis.   This included online lessons, group workshops and digital media presentations.    I am overjoyed to be able to come back to in person delivery – however singing provides a unique environment for disease transmission and as such we must take extra-ordinary measures to ensure the safety of students, of myself and of my family.   


My hope is that students of singing will keep themselves as safe as possible during this time – in all ways, including vaccination.   However, the reality is that many fellow singing students are under 12 years old and ineligible for the vaccine.  Many others have their own viewpoint on this topic.   My family and I are all fully vaccinated.    


To make sure that everyone remains safe, please review the following:


Student and Parent Information: 


  • Students who feel ill should NOT attend their lesson.   Online lesson options are available if you still feel well enough to sing – but concerned about attending in person.  Please call me right away to discuss if it’s the same day.  

  • All students to sanitize their hands upon entry and exit of the house.  Station to be provided and sterilized between students.

  • Students to maintain a 10 foot distance to the teacher on their marked position in the room while singing. 

  • Students must bring their OWN PENCIL and SHEET MUSIC MATERIALS (after provided by the teacher) – sharing of books will no longer be permitted.  

  • One parent is welcome to attend the initial first lesson – however after that - parents and siblings of students are to remain in their vehicles for pickup and drop off.    The student is the only one allowed inside during lessons.   Student is to remain in the car until their lesson time and to be promptly picked up at the conclusion.   

  • Students will remain inside until the parent arrives in the parking area and sanitize hands upon exit of lesson. 

  • Masks will NOT be required of students.  Students are welcome to bring their own device to record their lessons.   

  • Student may bring their own water bottle into the studio.  No other food or drinks are allowed.  

  • Students may let themselves in at their designated lesson time (please don’t ring the doorbell!) and should proceed directly to their designated lesson area. 



In addition to the above - I will also take the following measures: 


  • Adhere to all health requirements as laid out by the Province of BC Health, BC Registered Music Teachers Association (BCRMTA) and the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS).

  • Limited entry/exit point (front door).  

  • Entry and exit point as well as high touch surfaces (music stand) will be sanitized between students.

  • HEPA filter air filtration system will be run continuously.

  • Should the teacher need to approach the student, the teacher will be masked.  Teacher will not be masked while seated or standing at the piano.   

  • Lesson times will be staggered to allow for air exchange to the room.  Windows to be left open as much as reasonably possible.  

  • In the event of exposure – all participants will be notified and asked to self isolate as per current BC Health guidelines. 

  • Online lesson options will be available to all in person lesson registrations.   Please note that should health restrictions be re-implemented, all paid lessons will be delivered online with ongoing online options to be available as needed.   


Thank you all very much for your understanding!   I can’t wait to work with you in person again!